During the building up of the Exhibition in Mexico-City, UBERMORGEN.COM was censored by the curators of the TransitionMX Show "Im-Polis" Ale de la Puente, Ivan Abreu, Karla Jasso, only curator Rogelio Sosa was helpful at the end of the "conflict" - after we were kicked out of the exhibition by supersoft fascism techniques.

Read the story.. "Protocol of a censorship disaster". COMING SOON
A Skype conference with Fran Illich and UBERMORGEN.COMs lizvlx and Hans Bernhard.

Images of the Censored Wallpainting (Mural). We received the ok from the curators to paint on the wall of the 16th century inquisition church. After the main part of the drawing was finished the curators decided that the wallpaintings had to be overpainted because. It would interfer with another piece located in the same area of the exhibition and because the paintings were not explanatory. Due course lizvlx threw a bucket of black paint onto the wall and left the building. The next day the Wallpainting was overpainted but there was black paint all over the floor.

Censored Seals. The Aztec Sun had to be removed and replaced with spanish graphics. In the final exhibition the Seals were not shown on UBERMORGEN.COMs request.